Privacy Policy

We understand that privacy is a concern and we are committed to protecting the privacy of the users of our website. This policy summarizes the ways in which we use and store your personal information in relation to the use of our website and its services.

The owners and operators of the website are referred to as the data controller under the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) which describes our role as the parties who decide how we process, store, and transmit the information you provide to us through the website.

The data, including your information, images, and videos provided by you to the website, are made available and may be modified at any time by you using your account on the website. Information that is created or modified based on your actions, such as a submission to a festival or competition, is also made available and shown to you. You have the right to request that we change or delete any or all of this data.

The owners and operators of this website will not knowingly and voluntarily share your personal information with third parties for any marketing purposes but our website and our services do rely on third-party services (such as video hosting services, credit card payment processors, and web content hosting services) in order for our services to be available.

The data we collect from you may be used to perform the services provided by our website, such as contacting you to provide updates on the status of a submission, sending information to film festivals and competitions about the material you have decided to submit to them, and sending out newsletters containing relevant information about films, screenplays, competitions, and film festivals. We may also store records of your past purchases made through the website including subscription payments and payments to film festivals and competitions for submission fees.

When you choose to submit a film, screenplay, or other artistic work to a film festival, screenplay competition, or other event listed on our website, we share the information and media files you have submitted in relation to your material and yourself with the event's staff in order to fulfill the service provided by our website. The operators of the event are then responsible for protecting your data.

We may also be required to share your information with law enforcement in connection with any legal proceedings.

Additionally, if your information is provided for a public listing such as a listing that advertises your film, screenplay, other artwork, or your event, competition, and/or services provided by you, your information would become available to third parties. Such information that you choose to publish on the website may be available on the internet internationally. By choosing to make any such information public on our website, you agree that you understand we cannot prevent the use or misuse of the published information by other parties.

We may use cookies. Cookies are small files sent from our web server to your web browser and stored by your web browser on your device. The cookie is then sent back to our web server each time your browser makes a request from our web server. Cookies are used to keep track of your status when you are signed in to the website. You may choose to reject cookies through the configuration of your web browser but doing so can negatively impact your user experience on the website.

We may also store information such as your IP address, geographical location, web browser name and version, operating system, page views, and referral sources. This information is used to maintain a consistent user experience for you and to help our support staff address any problems you may encounter on the website.

We take reasonable technical precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of the information you provide to us. We store all such information on secure servers protected by passwords and firewalls. All electronic transactions that you initiate to our web servers are encrypted using SSL technology. You are responsible for keeping your password and user details confidential. Our support staff will never ask you to provide your password verbally or by email.

By registering an account on the website, you consent to these privacy policies and acknowledge that without your consent, we are unable to provide the services offered by our website.

If you have any questions or concerns over these privacy policies, feel free to contact our support staff through our website.

This policy may be modified from time to time in compliance with changing laws, regulations, and the internal policies of the owners and operators of the website.