What is FilmFestaRoo?

FilmFestaRoo is a fast, simple mobile-friendly submission platform for film festivals, screenplay contests, and other competitions and events for artists.

Our services enables you to securely enter your project's information once and submit to any event accepting submissions through our platform.

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Is FilmFestaRoo free?

FilmFestaRoo is as free as any submission platform but we don't throw around the word meaninglessly while charging for additional services.

Serious filmmakers know that costs are involved in submitting to events that provide many of the best opportunities and submission fees should be budgeted for in the production of independent films. The same is true for the so-called "free" platforms who charge marketing fees and started offering subscription plans when it seemed like there were fewer choices after one of the oldest submission platforms decided to shut down.

Our service is free under the same definition. We don't charge a cent for free submissions (events that accept submissions without entry fees) and for ones that do charge fees, we offer discount pricing and choice because a virtual monopoly is never good for users.

We're supported by commissions on events that charge fees so there are no added costs for artists submitting through our platform.

How do I add a screener or screenplay file?

As an online submission platform, we allow you to upload your material to events and competitions once and then submit to as many events as you like, whether they're free (in which case, we'd charge you nothing at all) or if they charge entry fees.

For films, you can provide any video file hosted on Vimeo or YouTube. Most filmmakers prefer Vimeo because they allow password-protected screeners as long as you provide that password to the event you're submitting to. (This is a shared password used to lock down the screener so that only the judges can view it but the public cannot. It's not the password you use to log into Vimeo. No event should ask for your account password under any circumstances and we wouldn't either!)

In the future, we may host screeners too but based on our discussions with partnering festivals, most filmmakers prefer Vimeo and YouTube even when a hosted option is available. It also comes with the added benefit of having one screener that filmmakers can share privately with industry professions outside of the festival world and also be able to use the same link for submissions.

For screenplays, you can upload your full script securely in PDF format.

Do I give up any rights when I submit my film or screenplay?

No. The private screeners or screenplay files you submit are used only to make submitting to film festivals and screenplay contests as convenient as possible.

We've ensured that none of the events or industry professionals on our platform will claim any rights or ownership of your material unless you expressly agree to sell your rights to a production company or other party at a later time. Submitting to festivals and competitions should never involve giving up any rights or ownership.

I want (or don't want) a new feature. What can I do?

FilmFestaRoo was launched on the basis of providing choice. And that choice includes a democratic style of handling new features on the platform.

For festivals and screenplay contests, any major changes to the platform that affect the judging and managing of submissions will go through a voting process. We may change or cancel new feature launches based on the votes of event directors.

For filmmakers and writers, we're always taking your comments and requests seriously when they're about any changes that affect your submission process and when they're sent to us through the support ticketing system after you've logged into your user account. (We only officially take filmmaker requests into consideration when it originates from an active member to be fair to our members who actually use the platform and prevent spamming of requests from non-members or inactive users.) For now, this is a loose way of allowing users to vote on specific features but we may formalize this process in the future as we do for events.

How do I start submitting my work?

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