How does FilmFestaRoo work for film festivals, screenplay contests, and other events?

FilmFestaRoo is a simple, cost-effective mobile-friendly platform for film festivals, screenplay contests, and other competitions and events for artists to accept submissions.

Our services enables you to securely accept submissions from around the world.

Whether you charge submission fees or accept submissions for free, it's fast and easy to list your events. Register here in a few simple steps!

What are the costs?

For film festivals, screenplay contests, and other competitions for artists that charge submission fees, FilmFestaRoo currently offers the lowest commission rates in the industry.

We are currently in our early signup period. If you sign up and list your event during this early signup period, rates are even lower than normal:

  • Setup Fees: ZERO
  • Platform Fee: 4.0%
  • Payment Processor Fee: 2.9% plus 30 ¢ flat
  • No other hidden costs or fees

Additionally, for major festivals, we offer custom plans depending on your situation.

For events that don't charge any submission fees, our platform is 100% free for you to receive submissions.

How do I accept submissions online?

Our platform is tailored for events of all sizes, including organizations and non-profits who may operate more than one film festival, screenplay contest, or other competition at the same time.

With a single account, you can list, manage, and judge submissions for multiple events without switching. (Or, if you prefer to keep your events completely separate, you may also open separate accounts under different email addresses for each event.)

Simply register an account and follow the quick and easy process to list your first event.

Do you require listed events to be exclusive?

No. We do not require exclusivity.

We were launched to provide choice. You're free to accept submissions simultaneously through our platform as well as any other submission method you choose to provide including direct submissions and physical submissions.

I want (or don't want) a new feature. What can I do?

FilmFestaRoo was launched on the basis of providing choice in more ways than one. And that choice also includes a democratic style of handling new features on the platform.

For festivals and screenplay contests, any major changes to the platform that affect the judging and managing of submissions will go through a voting process. We may change or cancel new feature launches based on the votes of event directors.

What payment methods do you offer for event payouts?

We currently offer payouts with PayPal.

We will likely announce additional payment methods soon so.

When do we receive payouts?

While other platforms force you to wait for a monthly payout cycle, we offer on-demand payout requests. In general, your request should be processed within two business days.

Of course, if you prefer to receive all of your submission fees in one payout at the end of your season, you're free to simply wait until then to request your payout.

Our emphasis is on choice and this is just one more way we allow you to handle your event the way you want: on your schedule, not ours.

How do I start listing my festival, screenplay contest, or other competition event?

It's fast and easy to get started. Click here to register a new account and follow the easy steps to begin listing your first event.